The Services
In many ways renting a villa is more pleasant than a stay at a hotel or apartment.
There is more freedom, more comfort, more privacy and more personal service.
Furthermore it’s cheaper, especially when you move in with a whole family.
The Staff
Day and night domestic staff is present around the villa for service and security.
‘Security’ sounds like there is a lot of criminality at Lombok. At the contrary !
It just makes you feel safe to know your possessions are protected at all time.
The house is kept clean, your beds are made and the garden and swimming pool will be maintained for you.
The staff is invisibly present but will be there for you whenever you need them.
They are eager to make your stay as pleasant as possible, without disturbing your privacy.
( The Manager )
( Your Hostess )
( The gardener )
Your hostess Atun speaks a few words English and learns quickly.
Fauzan, the gardener speaks reasonable English, but the manager can always translate for you. The English speaking manager Budi can always be reached by telephone
and he will inquire daily if everything is to your liking.
The rental of the villa includes staff salaries, electricity, water, gas, local taxes etc.
Only the groceries are for the tenants own expense.
As can be expected, linen, towels etc. are present at sufficient extent.
You can ask the manager to call for a taxi. The costs are extremely low.

Rent of a scooter/motorcycle is also possible and is highly recommended.
This gives you the ultimate freedom and the rate is very low.
In Sengigi you can go to the supermarkets for your daily shopping. Also on the market and in the bigger supermarkets in Mataram you can buy your every day needs. Of course the manager knows all good places for shopping.

tip: When you arrive you better visit a supermarket directly, so you have all you needs
right from the start. A number of supermarkets are open all day (24 hours).
Of course drinking water is present in the villa.
For the rest you have to take care yourself.
Tours en Trips (see also the special section)
Lombok is versatile and every time different.
The manager can tell you everything about the island.
He also can arrange and book all your trips and tours around Lombok
Some ideas for trips :
Gili-islands (coral, snorkeling, diving) , Kuta-beach ,
Sasak-village, monkey forest, waterfalls at the Rinjani, artisanal pottery, plantations, weaving, komodo-dragons, Rinjani mountain walking/climbing, the newly discovered Gangga falls.
And the beautiful snorkeling island Nanggu. We promise that you can admire over 100 different kinds of fish here during snorkeling in very quiet water !!!

And afterwards going out to the restaurants and bars in Senggigi. (every evening free life-music !)
A request and it should be all crazy if they don't know the number.
Extra services (will be charged additionally) :
The next services are not included in the rent, but optional.
On the booking form you can indicate if you choose for these extra services on top of the standard service.
Diner service :
If necessary we can arrange a freelance cook, who can take care of all these meals.
At your request she will be present in the villa at your arrival, so you can make your wishes known and deal about a reasonable price for this service.
The cooks work is not our responsibility, but we can assure you she prepares perfect meals for a nice price.
Of course you can always choose to do your own shopping in the local mini-market.
Agus can provide you with all the necessary information.
Pick-Up service :
If necessary we can arrange transfer, at arrival to the villa and at departure from the villa.
At your request the manager will be present at the airport at your arrival to pick you up for transfer to the villa.

This transfer is for a reasonable price and should be paid to the manager.
He will need information about your trip data.
Telephone/ internet:
We advise you to buy a local simcard in Senggigi, giving you very cheap local calls. Your own handphone must be unlocked. The hostesses or manager also can make an Indonesian phone call for you, when for instance a taxi or a tour has to be arranged.
At the central of taxicompanies they speak English.

The taxis have a meter and the costs are low.

You can make use of your own local card or the WIFI-connection in the villa. And almost all restaurants have a wifi connection.
Agus can buy a datacard for the router in the villa for you. However, it does not work optimally due to the location of the transmission tower.
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