Dreams come true
Dreams come true . . .
In the summer of 2003, we have been travelling for three months through Indonesia. Immediately we fell in love with the country. Especially with Lombok where you still can find nature and culture in all its unspoilt beauty. Because of the hospitality of the local people, we immediately felt at home. And so within us arose the dream to actually build a house over there.
And see: Sunset Villa is the result!
Now we can enjoy and relax on this beautiful island Lombok whenever we want to.
We built Sunset Villa on a mountain slope, surrounded by nature, but nearby the cosy tourists place Senggigi. From the porch, you have a marvellous view. When you look to your left or right you will see the untouched tropical nature of Lomboks mountain slopes.
And when you look ahead, you will see a forest of palm trees. And through the trees you can see the ocean murmur. In the far distance you can even see the mountains of Bali.
When you close your eyes you will hear a soft breeze whisper of the wind through the palm trees and the sound of the breaking of the waves on the beach. And by the evening the sun slowly sinks into the ocean, a fantastic sunset. Hence the name :
Sunset Villa.
Can you imagine anything more beautiful? We can’t !
Our dream has actually come true, and we would like to share it with you. This is why our paradise is for rent.
So you too will also be able to enjoy Lombok, and its treasures.
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